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Small Netflix-like Playlist tracker with custom WMPlayer


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I'm close to finishing my first "big" project, which is a program that allows you to create and watch playlists, the twist is that it keeps track of where you last left off (like netflix or VLC player).

I'm aware that VLC Player and probably a few others already have this feature, but i remember having problems with it in VLC, tried PotPlayer and that didn't go amazingly smooth either, so i decided i'd try and make my own so i could only blame myself instead of get frustrated because this software i don't understand doesn't do the thing it's supposed to.


- Code's not entirely a mess, but not very organized either.

- Could probably be optimized in a lot of ways, anyone who would like to should definitely feel free, or even more appreciated would be some tips on how to improve my code, i'll be Somewhat active until school starts again. (For the next few days i think i'm done coding for a little bit, tired & so. Maybe an update to make the gui's a little more colourful seems nice because photoshop is a little bit more relaxing than pulling your hair out and feeling stupid because your code doesn't work not knowing why. But i do want to add some more semi crucial features like selecting a specific episode to start watching the playlist from, and maybe to add and delete single videos/seasons to a playlist, more options for making sure you're not uninstalling a video you didn't want to when clicking remove.)

- i've used 2 udf's i got from these forums: 

Sudeepjd's WMP udf.    https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/profile/36364-sudeepjd/

File Properties udf which i found somewhere in a dark corner after long hours of searching for a solution to get Video Duration without ffmpeg, don't remember who posted it so if anyone knows i'll add it here.


Attached files are:

Zip folder with .au3 (You'll have to change up the FileInstall functions in installer.au3 and uninstall.au3)

And Installer.exe which self deletes and does the following:

Install main "PlaylistTracker2" folder including: Uninstaller.exe, PlaylistTracker2.exe, VideoPlayer.exe, Data.ini and Manual.txt

Creates Desktop shortcut and Start Menu shortcut


I recommend reading the manual as it can be fairly easy to delete a video you might have wanted to keep! And also for a better explanation of what it does of course.

You will need to find your own video and place it in \PlaylistTracker2\Playlists\None as "Sample.mkv" as that file is 5.2 mb's so i can't upload it here, couldn't fix it by zipping.

(Also i don't know if it's better to just compile to default x86 but i'm using an x64 system so i chose that option, some enlightenment here would also be nice)



PlaylistTracker2.zip Installer.exe

Edited by WhaleJesus
Minor edits in post, like warning people to be careful with the 'remove' button in the main GUI, and telling about how i want to finish up & polish this project so i'm fully satisfied.
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