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AutoIt not recognizing text within a PuTTY window.

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I want to use AutoIt under Windows 10 to automate a PuTTY session. However, AutoIt is not recognizing any text inside of the PuTTY window.

This is what I have done ...

#include <Constants.au3>

;; The following creates new window to a PuTTY ssh session on
;; a different machine and waits for this window to become
;; active. The title of the window is "aa" ...
Run("putty.exe -load aa")
$w = WinWaitActive("aa")

;; The following properly pops up after the ssh window is fully open and active ...
MsgBox($MB_OK, "Status", "ssh window open")

;; This properly waits 5 seconds. Text is showing in the ssh window ...

$text = WinGetText("aa")

;; But this just pops up an empty message box with the title "Text" ...
MsgBox($MB_OK, "Text", $text)

I also tried WinGetText($w), and I got the same results.

I want to capture the PuTTY window text. What am I doing incorrectly?

Thank you very much in advance.

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PS: I have seen other posts here about controlling PuTTY, but they don't address this particular issue because ...

(1) ... they are invoking PuTTY via a "cmd" window. This will not work for me, because I need to use a fully-fledged PuTTY-created window which is managing an xterm-based terminal session.

(2) ... I could not find any examples where the text from a PuTTY terminal window is being read and examined. I only see cases where "Send" is used to send text to the PuTTY terminal window without first checking what text already appears in that PuTTY terminal window.


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I have nothing I can use for testing right now, but I can say in the past I used PLINK for my Putty automation.

If you use the AutoIT window info tool and you do not see any text listed, then you will not get anything from WinGetText()

I want to say you can have Putty pretty much log everything to a log file as its running, and then you can read that file as a workaround.

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