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I tried Lmac34's Headline_Reader and liked the idea, but I was't that interested in the news from Ireland, so I wrote my own. This headline reader uses an INI file to guide it's operation. Executing Headline_Reader, installs it:

1) Creates a link to start Headline_Reader at Windows startup

2) Schedules itself to run again hourly

3) Registers itself in Windows register

To remove the link in startup and it's registry entry and its next scheduled run, right click it's tray icon and select Uninstall (does NOT erase itself, just stops it's active running)

Here is a look at the INI (options chosen are the defaults)


Voice= Female

Subject= National, Tech

Number= 3

ShowWeb= No

Details= No

Repeat= Yes

Silent= 11PM thru 7AM

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Valid parameters are shown below;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


;Subject=National, Sports, Tech, Medical, World, Entertainment

;ShowWeb=Yes/No Yes shows Google news, No displays traytip

;Number=Number of headlines in each subject


;Silent= GoSilentHour thru/- StartSpeakingHour Exits without reading the News

; 11PM thru 7AM English using AM and PM

; 23 - 7 24 hour format

; Midnight thru Noon Keywords Midnight,Noon

;Repeat= Yes schedules itself to run at the next hour

I welcome any comments or suggestions.Read_Headlines___source.zipRead_Headlines___source.zip

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