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Compiled script while still having the include au3?

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Hi pardon me if this has been asked before but I was unable to find any posts about it either searching directly or in Google...

But to start with the question is really as simple as the headline and is: Is it in anyway possible to compile a script from autoit while it still having it to include another AU3 file after it is compiled... Meaning so that the exe (compiled autoit) still asks for a AU3 file??

I know and see the logic why this is not a common request.. because it would need autoit installed while exe doesn't need.. well at least logically the way I see it and therefor understand yes its a special need from my side... Just still am curious if it is possible.. while I know its not a general need... My reason is I want another dude whos not a programmer to be able to edit a small part of the code without doing anything in the main code... its for me just the easiest way to make it... else I know I could make an xml and so on with a setup file but that will totally change my code..

Thanks in advance a great forum here.. have more silently followed it for years 

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