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Auto-launch From Ultraedit

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Not sure if this has been posted before, but I was able to configure UltraEdit's "User Tools" functionality to auto-launch the current file you are editing using the "AutoIT3.exe" program.

Simply click on "Advanced > Tool Configuration" and fill in the fields as shown below using your specific paths and then click the "Insert" button. (If you are using the beta GUI version, y9ou can replace "AutoIT3.exe" with "AutoIT3-GUI.exe")

Posted Image

The AutoIT choice is now added to the Advanced menu.

You can also right-click on the toolbar to add the Tool button if you want.

NOTE: This does NOT check to see if the file you are working on is actually a valid .au3 file. It simply saves your current file and passes it to AutoIT3.exe. But it certainly is handy!

Edit: You can also click on the "Advanced" button on the above screen and click "Browse". Next, navigate to the AutoIT\Auto2Exe\Icons directory and select one of the icons. The Toolbar icon in UltraEdit will not use that icon!


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UtlraEdit is already built in, just use the Open in default browser.

There is already an icon for it.

It simply runs the default application for what ever file extention you have, so if you are editing a .html, it will open the default web browser, if you are editing a au3 file, it runs in autoit.

This acts just like doubleclicking the file basically.

Maybe I am just lazy....

The main advantage of not doing what you did is that you don't need to save the file, you can test changes and only save if it works the way you wish.

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