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Reading excell sheets

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dale thank your for your help previously, i was able to get that section of my script working.

I would appreciate some help on a new subject, would it be possible to read all the values out of a series of cells in a specific column in a excell file, for example column A cells 1-20, and then output them into the TO: field in a microsft outlook email, basically to send an email to all of the email addresses located in that column in the excell sheet?

2nd question, would it be possible to create a function that would alow me to choose the excell file the above function parsed? Bashically a select file box to select the file that the above function would be applied to?

I am a marketing manager for a small company and am trying script some of my followup work.

If anyone can help, i would apprectate any information you can provide

Thanks in advance


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