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How can I identify Control IDs and ClassName of Objects of Installer created by Install Anywhere

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Hi AutoIT Oficianados,

I need some help on this

I cannot identify using the Au3info the ControlID and ClassName of objects of an installer created using InstallAnywhere. This application was created in JAVA language.

Using the Au3info i need to get information of objects or controls I encountered in the installer. Problem is the Au3info tool cannot identify the controls. But when windows controls it has no problem. Is there any limitations regarding support for JAVA?

Thank you in advance..... :lmao:

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Look in the AutoIt help file - index tab - under "Controls":

Note: AutoIt only works with standard Microsoft controls - some applications write their own custom controls which may look like a standard MS control but may resist automation. Experiment!

You can search the forums for +JAVA +control and you will see that you are not alone. You might find how others worked around it.

Edit: Welcome to the forums....

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