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Mini calendar... An application made in this language.


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I share this open source software with you, which I was inspired a few months ago to do. It is Mini Calendar, where it allows you to multitask about the time. That is, program your schedules or routines, create alarms for a specific time, calendar and personal diary (not yet available) and possibly a clock.
I recommend downloading the project from my github (more below) since it contains many changes and corrections with the Graphical User Interface (GUI), changes that are not yet in the compiled version because these compilations are already a release of a new final version. I am currently on version 0.5.
In the same way, thanks to those who are going to collaborate or who have already collaborated in the software. There are very few who collaborate, but I hope there is more.
Special thanks to @Danifirex for the corrections in most of the graphical interface.
Source code (gitHub): https://github.com/rmcpantoja/Mini-Calendar
User Manual (English): https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rmcpantoja/Mini-Calendar/main/documentation/En/Manual.txt
public version: http://mateocedillo.260mb.net/MC.zip

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Hi all,
In honor of Christmas I have been making big changes to the program, extending its features a little more. But I would like you to please give me your criticism or opinions before releasing this new stable version 0.5. There is currently a ppull request open on GitHub to comment on any bugs, new features, or suggestions. Thanks in advance, comments are welcome.

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