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[CreateList] Bug when fill it ?

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( sorry for the title, i have edited my topic but can't change the title, this is not a bug of createlist)

Hi all !

I will be crazy so i ask your help for this time.

I want to fill a GUI LIST with some element but i have a very stange bug !

Here is my code ( if you put in comment my sleep(1) the code crash a loop 75 else works fine but so lonnnnnnnnnnnnng) :

$file_result = FileOpen("c:\temp\matrix.txt", 0);0 = read
    $nbr_result_sql = 0
    While 1
        $string_result = FileReadLine($file_result)
        If @error = -1 Then ExitLoop
        sleep(1); WTF i need to put this !!!!! ************************

        $test = StringInStr($string_result,"field name"); return 0 if not found
        if $test <> 0 Then;we got an answer we clean the XML format result
            $nbr_result_sql = $nbr_result_sql + 1
            $string_result = StringReplace($string_result,"<field name=",""); delete all <field name=>
            $string_result = StringReplace($string_result,"</field>",""); delete all </field>
            $string_result = StringReplace($string_result,">"," = "); change all > in =
            $string_result = StringReplace($string_result,chr(34),""); delete all "
            $string_result = StringReplace($string_result,chr(9),""); delete all tabulation
            $string_result = StringReplace($string_result,"chemin = ","")
            $string_result = StringReplace($string_result,"nom = ","")
            $tableau_result[$nbr_result_sql] = $string_result
    $tableau_result[0] = $nbr_result_sql    
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