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Becareful Autoit is trojan ! ( There is Picture )

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There is no trojan at all in AutoIt, you see that no virusscanner found it except Kaspersky.

Probaly ther was written an trojan in the AutoIt programmaning language some time and they added THAT SCRIPT THAT INCLUDES THOSE ACTIONS to the detection list.

Problem is that all AutoIt Exe's start with the same bytes, somewhere in the middle you will find you code.

Since a virusscanner looks at the first bytes it detects all the AutoIt apps instead of only the trojan.

Some of those members here send a report to these virusscanners that this was wrong, and after they done some check removed it from the check list.

Except Kaspersky, so if any Kaspersky user is out here... Maybe you can do a report that AutoIt is'nt a trojan.

- Sven :lmao:

Sorry for my English, I'm Dutch... =DMedia UDFINet Adv UDF
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I can assure you that AutoIt in and of itself is not a trojan.

That out of the way. It does not mean that a virus cannot be created in/with AutoIt. There are many people that disreguard the respectable, and create these monstrosities.

I am not the owner or creator, but I have seen the entire source in the past. I know even in my limited knowledge that AutoIt is not a virus nor does it contain one.

One thing that virus company may be doing is looking at the open source UPX packager that scripts use to package the scripts, and just creating a false positive based on that. UPX is not a virus, it is an open source project, but because the fact that it is free, people are also disrespecting that.

You should contact the virus company and let them know of the infringement they have made, if you are able to check the file further. I have recently had an issue with avast!. I emailed them, and they seem to have taken care of it. They were just over generalizing the problem.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


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I joined this forum in 2003, and as far as I can remember topics like this has been common

from the very start....and honestly I'm getting pretty tired by them. Don't get me wrong, as I

don't get tired by the topics themselves, but by the stupid AV-developers that keep adding

Au3 to their def-database !! :lmao:Am I the only one who's tired of this ?

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i still have a year to go to see the number of posts you saw and going to be tired :lmao:

till then its just funny how stupid ppl think autoit is a virus.

btw i though john was working with AV companys to prevent this ?

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Yeah, we could have thought that they would be at least professional enough to investigate

properly before they add it to their definitions, but obviously they don't. And yes, Jon mentioned

that he had at least contacted some of the companies, where he explained that he could help

them in some way.. however I don't remember exactly how...

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Yeah, a friend of me is fighting the A-squared people (www.emsisoft.coom) to convince them that the AI-scripts aren't trojans, he even went as far as sending them the resulting exe-file, the script's source (it it a conveient "nothing" as for programming), and a link to the AI site... that was six months ago; till today A-Squared still calls compiled AI-scripts a trojan!

One would expect that the writers of AV/AT-programs would be interested in lowering the amount of false positives; and increasing the credibility of their software, unfortunately this isn't true for all of them!



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