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AD and Integer8 attributes

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re all !

ok, active directory is really boring, because it uses specific attributes !

so, on this site http://www.rlmueller.net/Programs/Integer8Date.txt

i've found a function to convert those integer to date.

after conversion in autoit, i've several problems, but before to post, i would know if you know

another method to convert it ? i'm afraid of this to slow down the program a little, but if there is not another way...

; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
; VBScript to AutoIt Converter v0.4
; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

#include <date.au3>
;#include <bk-logfile.au3>

; Integer8Date.vbs()
; VBScript program demonstrating how to convert an Integer8 attribute,
; such as pwdLastSet, to a date value. The Integer8Date function()
; corrects for the inaccuracy in the HighPart and LowPart methods of
; the IADsLargeInteger interface. It is desirable to have the
; Integer8Date function always return a date, so the main program()
; can compare values to find the latest date. For this reason, if the
; Integer8 attribute has no value, the function returns the date
; 1/1/1601, which is the "zero" date. This really means "never".
; ----------------------------------------------------------------------
; Copyright (c) 2003 Richard L. Mueller
; Hilltop Lab web site - http://www.rlmueller.net
; Version 1.0 - May 21, 2003
; Version 1.1 - June 5, 2003 - Retrieve time zone bias from registry.
; Version 1.2 - October 29, 2003 - Account for very large values.
; Version 1.3 - January 25, 2004 - Modify error trapping.
; You have a royalty-free right to use, modify, reproduce, and
; distribute this script file in any way you find useful, provided that
; you agree that the copyright owner above has no warranty, obligations,
; or liability for such use.

AutoItSetOption("MustDeclareVars", 1)
Dim $strUserDN, $lngTZBias, $objUser, $objPwdLastSet
Dim $objShell, $lngBiasKey, $k

; Obtain local Time Zone bias from machine registry.
 $objShell = ObjCreate("Wscript.Shell")
$lngBiasKey = $objShell.RegRead("HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\" _
  & "TimeZoneInformation\ActiveTimeBias")
If StringUpper($lngBiasKey) = "LONG" Then
  $lngTZBias = $lngBiasKey
$ElseIf StringUpper($lngBiasKey) = "VARIANT()" Then
  $lngTZBias = 0
  For $k = 0 To UBound($lngBiasKey)
    $lngTZBias = $lngTZBias + ($lngBiasKey($k) * $256^$k)

$strUserDN = "cn=test y,ou=TestUSB,dc=test,dc=test"
 $objUser = ObjGet("LDAP://" & $strUserDN)
 $objPwdLastSet = $objUser.pwdLastSet
ConsoleWrite ("Password last set: " & Integer8Date($objPwdLastSet, $lngTZBias))

Func Integer8Date($objDate, $lngBias)
    Local $Return
; Function to convert Integer8 ($64-bit) value to a date, adjusted for
; local time zone bias.
  Dim $lngAdjust, $lngDate, $lngHigh, $lngLow
  $lngAdjust = $lngBias
  $lngHigh = $objDate.HighPart
  $lngLow = $objDate.LowPart
; Account for error in IADslargeInteger property methods.
  If $lngLow < 0 Then
    $lngHigh = $lngHigh + 1
  If ($lngHigh = 0) And ($lngLow = 0) Then
    $lngAdjust = 0
  $lngDate = "#1/1/1601#" + ((($lngHigh * (2 ^ 32)) + $lngLow) / 600000000 - $lngAdjust) / 1440;<==doesn't work
; Trap error if $lngDate is ridiculously huge.
;VA   On Error Resume Next
  $Return = cdate($lngDate); <== "cdate" in autoit ?
  If @error <> 0 Then
;VA  On Error GoTo 0
    $Return = "#1/1/1601#"
;VA   On Error GoTo 0
    Return $Return

thx for any help

i post here the preview of my program

c u

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