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Scripts compiled without tokenizing.


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The truth is that I do not intend to tokenize my compiled scripts, I have noticed that the performance of the script decreases significantly compared to the non-compiled ones and also makes them be detected by antiviruses, is there a way to not encrypt them?

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7 hours ago, assembly_ia32 said:

Tokenization is a stage of compilation. You can't compile code without tokenizing. Did you mean something else, but confused it with tokenizing, by any chance?

The autoit code is tokenized and encryption is also used, and it is a script, not a "compilation" in asm bit, this can be deduced from the performance loss, if the code were actually compiled it would be much faster. 

No one is actually asking to compile the code, but rather that the interpreter actually read the script unencrypted or "tokenized", like do WinRar adding a rar to an sfx installer for example.

You can check what I tell you with a simple text string, when you try to find it it will be encrypted, which greatly reduces performance and makes the scripts believe that they are viruses.

P.S: You can tell that it's just an encryption when compiling the code in 64 or 32 bits, if you look at RCDATA, SCRIPT, it's a simple A3X, it doesn't change if it's x64 or x32, so it's just an encrypted script .

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