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Pure Autoit HTTP/S Proxy example


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Available here: https://github.com/OfficialLambdax/_netcode_Proxy-UDF/blob/main/examples/simple http_s proxy/simple http_s proxy.au3

Its a example for the _netcode_Proxy-UDF, but it runs quite well, so maybe someone has a use for it.

Its a forward-proxy that doesnt modify any data. So a website doesnt detect the proxy, atleast i havent found one. You could go ahead and make a reverse proxy of it, a load balancer or what ever you think of. _storageS-UDF might be of use then.

Bandwith wise i think 1 Gbit/s should be possible, couldnt test that yet. The script is single threaded, so it fully uses non blocking sockets and technics to keep lag low. Mem usage is also low because the proxy does not buffer data. It checks all sockets for those that have anything in the recv buffer and then checks the sockets, where the data is supposed to go, for if they are send ready. And only then the data is received and send.

The http/s request parser is quite old and could use some optimization, but there is no problem with it, so i focussed on other things.

Compatible with X64/32 Autoit Stable and Beta. Windows XP - 10. Havent tested Windows 11 or Wine.

Requires a good chunk of UDFs's. If you dont want to go through the hassle then just pick the AllInOne and modify the #include in the http_s proxy script, to use the AllInOne.

Otherwise here is the whole required list

Obviously there might be bugs, in that case please report them either here or there https://github.com/OfficialLambdax/_netcode_Proxy-UDF/issues


Loading autoitscript.com with cache disabled.


Running a speedtest



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Code Execution (CE) Vulnerability detected in the _storageS-UDF, within the _storageG_Math() (now named _storageG_Execute) function.

No parts of _netcode are affected, because the vulnerable function is not used, and as such also not this proxy.

But if you do use _storageS either through the lib byitself or through the AllInOne, then please update and dont use said function until a fix was found.

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