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Hey guys, i have a question about DLL Call.

The code from MSDN:

ULONG HttpInitialize(
  ULONG Flags,
  PVOID pReserved


    [in] HTTP version. This parameter is an HTTPAPI_VERSION structure. For the current version, declare an instance of the structure and set it to the pre-defined value HTTPAPI_VERSION_1 before passing it to HttpInitialize.
    [in] Initialization options, which can include one or both of the following values.
    Value   Meaning
    HTTP_INITIALIZE_CONFIG  Perform initialization for applications that use the HTTP configuration functions, HttpSetServiceConfiguration, HttpQueryServiceConfiguration and HttpDeleteServiceConfiguration.
    HTTP_INITIALIZE_SERVER  Perform initialization for applications that use the HTTP Server API.
    [in, out] This parameter is reserved and must be NULL.

How would i call this within AutoIt IF i have the httpapi.dll that is required.

Would i call it like this?

DllCall(".\httpapi.dll", "long", "HTTP_INITIALIZE_SERVER")



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