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BAO-Remover : silent uninstaller for Windows

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I wrote a script to silently uninstall softwares.
It works with a lot of sotwares. In case of failure, the script runs the regular uninstallation.

It's possible to add softwares to a blacklist, to delete an entry in the registry (with right click), to export the list to a txt file. A log file is generated in the same folder of BAO-remover.

It's the first release, so if you see some bugs, please post here with details!

You can translate in other languages with the attach file lang.ini


Thank you for your comments.



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39 minutes ago, Sascha said:

i would expect the script here to see how it is done and not only the executable.

I would like to go even two steps further.
First, I would not, under any circumstances, launch an .exe file that was not uploaded by a trusted member.

Secondly : A compiled AutoIt Source Code (even if the resulting .exe was zipped) should not be uploaded on principle. Virus software can classify these files as a threat, which may damage the reputation of the whole website.


"In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move."

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