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Dynamic gui to interact with excel

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I need help/direction, I have a bunch of pots on the fire now, so can't think straight to formulate a path.

I'm tired of working directly with excel and the formulas. It gets cumberaome and difficult to read with nested formulas, and im limited with certain things i want to do. I want to create a dynamic gui to interact with excel. The gui has to essentially act like excel where

1/ I click a button and a row would appear in the app with all the pre determined columns.

2/ every new row created would have its cells automatically interact with formulas pre assigned to specific columns.

3/ The work is saveable and can be reopened after saving.

4/ When complete the data can be exported to an excel sheet.

5/ The excel data sheet can be imported to be worked on again. So formulas are already programmed in the app to do its thing.

My brain is mush right now, are there any apps/scripts floating around that would be a good frame work to start from? Or can this even be done with the whole dynamic input creation interacting with formulas?



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