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DirCopy Script does not work (file share)

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Hello, I am new to AutoIt and I am trying to create a script whic copies a folder from a file share server (for example: \\testShare01\folders\folderToCopy) to my local drive (for example: C:\folders\folderDestination)

My script looks like this:

DirCopy("\foldertoCopy", "C:\folders\folderDestination)

I compile the script to a .exe which I will copy into the folder itself. The reason why I do it like this is, that I have file Servers all around the world, so if I am in Amsterdam I do not want to copy the whole folder from Kopenhagen, the reasons for that are obvious I think. Normally I have used a xcopy script for this, which could be found in the file Server folder itself:

(xcopy /s /i %~dp0folderToCopy C:\folders\folderDestination)

Since I want to create a GUI and some other stuff with AutoIt I chose to change my scripts to AutoIt. But I am already failing at the simple DirCopy function... could you help me? I guess %~dp0folderToCopy does not work in AutoIt?

Best regards


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