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Script works on XP but not on Win2k Need help!

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Hi, i got this code to query my database, it works perfectly on my windows XP machine, however the GUI comes up messed up on win2k.

The program still works on Win2k (exutes queries correctly) but the GUI is messed up, i am at my college right now and i dont have admin right so i cant debug it.

I would like you to compile my script in windows 2000 and make sure the GUI operates correctly.

I cant do it at home as i dont have windows 2000.

I really appreate anyone that helps many thanks.

Removed due to it being part of my coursework.

Please provide me with with an .exe and the source code. many thanks once again.

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on your Gui combo boxes, change the drop down height from a low figure (21) to 100, try different large numbers to get the size you require

GuiCtrlCreateCombo("", 390, 40, 150, 21) <<<<<

GuiCtrlCreateCombo("", 390, 40, 150,100)

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