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CyberFunk Productions


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CyberFunk Productions

Heres the program i made(well some of it)

Global $Key

;shorcut keys
HotKeySet("{F5}", "F5")

Func ShortC() ;Writes keys
   $Exist = FileExists ("Keys")

   If $Exist = 0 Then   ;checks to see is file exists   
      DirCreate("Keys") ;if not creates it

   $Path = Inputbox( "File Path", "Please enter path of file" , "Path" , "" , -1, 75, -1,-1 )   ;gets values
   $File = Inputbox( "File", "Please enter filename(including path!)" , "File" , "" , -1, 75, -1,-1 )
   IniWrite( ?, $Key, "F6P", $Path);then write the values
   IniWrite( ?, $Key, "F6F", $File)

;Shortcut functions  
Func F5()
   $search = FileFindFirstFile("F5.ini")     ;Searches for file
   IF $search = -1 Then        ;if nothing found ask if want to config
      $Answer = MsgBox(4, "Not configured!", "Would you like to configure this key?")   
      If $Answer = 6 Then    
         $Key = "F5.ini"
         Call ( "ShortC" ) 
      $File = IniRead ( "F5.ini", "F5.ini", "F6F", "default" )  

      $Path = IniRead ( "F5.ini", "F5.ini", "F6P", "default" )
      Run($File, $Path, @SW_MAXIMIZE)

now right where the ? are in the ini write statements, i want to be able to put a path to the Keys folder so the value in the $Key var is written into the keys folder

The file name saved in $Key i want to be the name of the file written into the keys folder

i hope you can understand what i'm doing, i have multiple shortcut functions, so thats why the file name needs to be in a var

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IniWrite( ".\Keys\" & $Key)

Maybe. I'm still not clear what you want the name and full path of the ini file to be....

The ".\" might not even be necessary since paths are assumed to be relative to the current working directory. Look at the FileChangeDir function.

Just in case you didn't know this:

A dot typically represents the current folder, and two dots represent the parent folder. Thus, the following checks for the existance of C:\boot.ini

FileChangeDir("C:\Windows" )

FileExists("..\boot.ini" )

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CyberFunk Productions

well that worked, thanx alot!!!!!!

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