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Listbox with Double-Click


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Working with LibreOffice Calc, I wanted a pick list (listbox) outside of the macro environment.  Looking throughout the forum, I couldn't find an example of a LISTBOX that I could double-click on to make a pick from the list.

For what it's worth, this example program uses CLIPBOARD data to fill the LISTBOX then will accept your "pick" (double-click or ENTER).  In Calc, I select a column, copy it then run this program.  Pick List!

Hope it's of some use to the Forum.

Clip2List w-DblClk.au3

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Yep! That's the idea.  I've got Calc columns with 1000 + entries.  To test, I copy the entire column and send that.  So far no problems.

In my particular application, I've altered the output to SEND keys back to Calc.  Ctrl-Shift-t moves the Calc cursor to the name box.  Then I construct a valid cell address and send that with a final {ENTER}.  My choice then becomes the active cell.

I tried to post a simple and straight forward script so others could understand, take it apart, alter it, hammer it into something useful.  As it is, it will accept any number of text entries from the clipboard that end in a CRLF but the clipboard isn't necessary.

Hope you enjoy.

"-Lock your wigs, inflate your shoes" 

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