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Time to change! gmaps api has stopped working. WebDriver UDF info

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Hi friends, for a long time I've been using my own script to use gmaps inside an Autoit window, I used it to take gps coordinates dynamically at mouse click on the map and then use them in another program of mine.
I would like to know a few things before I start writing code.
With this WebDriver UDF can I manage the browser inside an Autoit window and open gmaps inside it?
Can I read the values of js variables that I generate when clicking on the map (lat,long)?
This is what I used to do before the end of IE support from Gmaps.


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I am honored by udf author's reply!

A question but does webview2 use the Edge engine? I thought it was possible to have iframe embed from chrome without going through there. Could you please explain more if possible.

From here WebView2 cefau3.bin.x86.zip




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