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How to use vlookup on an array? - For daily routine

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I have a spreadsheet - daily routine which has two columns: activity and time as shown here

| Activity             | Time     |
| Sleep 😴              |  6:00 am |
| Toilet 🚽             |  6:15 am |
| Get ready for gym 🤸‍♂️ |  6:30 am |
| Exercise 💪           |  7:50 am |
| ... more things      |  9:00 pm |
| ... still more       | 10:45 pm |
| Sleep 😴              |  6:00 am |
I wanted to find out, say in C1 which activity is current for me using now()
I.e., if it’s 6:45am on my watch, it should show me Exercise 💪 in C1
Thanks to Adam D. PE, this formula works like magic to get the result =VLOOKUP(MOD(NOW(),1),{B2:B,A2:A},2,1)
Now, I want to reproduce same result in autoit, how to do that?
To have easy solution say, I copy-paste spreadsheet data in array directly in code, right?
Use for loop and run the above vlookup function and show the answer using tooltip.
How to achieve this? please help.
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