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Simple IP Config -- change network settings

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Here is a program I have been working on since 2011, off and on. It started out in AutoIt, then I went through a C++ phase and converted the entire thing to C++ with wxWidgets, only to convert it back to my one true love (AutoIt) after only a few revisions. I tried to credit authors in the code whenever I pulled examples from the forums, but I apologize if I missed anyone.

Simple IP Config

This program allows you to view and change your local IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS servers for any network adapter without having to click through all of the Windows dialogs and settings. You can also save many profiles to easily switch between different settings.



Download v2.9.4
Simple IP Config 2.9.4.zip

This zip includes the au3 source files, compiled exe, and installer. All you need to get going (in English) is the exe. Additional language files are located in the lang folder.

The GitHub repository always has the latest updates, but I will try to keep this post up to date as well.


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