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Hi everyone,

I'm terribly sorry if this is not the place to ask for this question, but I'm poor at developing scripts so I'm asking for your help or guidance.

I want to make a script where I enter a number and it automatically calculates it into the answer.

If I were using excel the formula would be "=(A1/(1-5,5%))*(1+20%)", and it would probably be easy to figure out a way to make a .exe or something from it running through excel, but I'll mostly be running this on a computer without the office package installed(only 365).

What I have in mind is a small window where I write the number that would be in cell A1, let's say 100 - and a new window would pop up and show 126,98(two decimals required).

I wonder if this is even possible at all, I guess it'd require huge .txt files with numbers to even make sense. I'm very new - point blanc.

Thank you, and my deepest apologies if this is the wrong place to ask or if it's an "impossible" task.

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Maybe something like:

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>

Global $g_iInput, $g_idInput, $g_idOutput

Func _Example()
    GUICreate("Calculate", 110, 90)
    $g_idInput = GUICtrlCreateInput("", 5, 5, 100, 20)
    $g_idOutput = GUICtrlCreateInput("", 5, 30, 100, 20)
    GUICtrlSetState($g_idOutput, $GUI_DISABLE)
    Local $idOutput = GUICtrlCreateButton("Copy to Clipboard", 5, 55, 100, 30)
    While 1
        Switch GUIGetMsg()
            Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
            Case $idOutput

Func _Calculate()
    Local $iInput = Int(GUICtrlRead($g_idInput))
    If $iInput = $g_iInput Then Return
    Local $sCalculate = Round(($iInput/(1-5.5/100))*(1+20/100), 2)
    GUICtrlSetData($g_idOutput, $sCalculate)
    $g_iInput = $iInput


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Streamlined (I guess more correct) calculation:

Local $sCalculate = Round($iInput * 0.945 * 1.2, 2)

Substracting 5.5% is equivalent to multiplying by: (100 - 5.5) / 100 which is 0.945

Adding 20% is equivalent to multiplying by: (100 + 20) / 100 which is 1.2

You divide by 0.945, so you end up adding around 5.82% which I guess isn't what you want: 100 / 0.945 = 105.820105820106

With input 100 the (I guess correct) result is: 113.40

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