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Automate Expect Shell in TCL console

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I am trying to use STDOUTREAD and STDINWRITE to interact with the TCL console in DOS prompt. I can only capture those returns from Expect Script partly as I noticed the data I get from STDOUTREAD always don't includes the % string after end of stream. 

[%] represent [$] in the console I am working on.

I also noticed only multi lines return can be captured but not for single line.

I have try to look into STDERR stream but nothing is returned for single line stream.
Is there any Expect command which I can send to the console to make the single line return visible to STDOUTREAD? eg. step  

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Found a solution, I need to STDINWRITE the following script commands into the Expect console:

dsp param 0x00333099
;return no stream to stdoutread, only display in console.

set var [dsp param 0x00333099]
puts stdout $var  
;return 0x12340000 to stdoutread, also display in console.


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