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sending keystrokes to the putty interface

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Newbie alert :)

I'm trying to send keystrokes to the putty client in order to automate the login process. I need to login twice, first onto the unix server, and the second time in the application. The first user/id password works fine (obviously because it's part of the commandline) , but as soon as putty is started, i'm unable to send any data to it. I tried the standard "send" command, as well as the "controlsend" command, but both don't seem to work.

I also tried this with notepad, and this is working fine. What could this be?

Run("putty -load shelfpick -l user -pw password")
ControlSend ( "PuTTY", "", controlID, "root" [, flag = 1] )


Major thanks for helping me out!

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