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Control USB port state

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I am looking a way to keep two usb devices off (nuance powermics) when thier associated VM's are not running.

These usb devices do not have unique pid & hid, so appear the same when searching for them, so I would have to be able to control the port they are connected to not look for the device itself.

* A third device needs to always be active and available to the system. 

when autoit sees that the vm has launched it would then turn the appropriate usb port back on, so that the VM would pic up the device.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


*I have some scripting and programing experience, BUT NOT prior experience with windows hardware scripting or interaction.


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On 6/16/2022 at 2:06 PM, mistaken4now said:

These usb devices do not have unique pid & hid

I assure you that every USB device on a PC has a unique hardware/instance ID (hwid), including your Nuance PowerMics.  For example, the partial list below was generated by devcon.exe, which is like a command line version of the Windows Device Manager.  As you can see, although some devices have the same description/name, their hwid strings are unique.  There are several ways to find the hwid of a particular device, class of devices, or all devices (WMI, devcon.exe, Device Manager, etc.).  Once you have found the hwid's of interest, you can then use WMI, devcon.exe, or some other tool to programmatically control those devices.

USB\ROOT_HUB20\4&372EDD1&0                                  : USB Root Hub
USB\ROOT_HUB20\4&87F6B17&0                                  : USB Root Hub
USB\VID_046D&PID_C52B&MI_00\6&FA89923&0&0000                : USB Input Device (Logitech Download Assistant)
USB\VID_046D&PID_C52B&MI_01\6&FA89923&0&0001                : USB Input Device
USB\VID_046D&PID_C52B&MI_02\6&FA89923&0&0002                : Logitech Unifying USB receiver
USB\VID_046D&PID_C52B\5&2EBEBBA5&0&9                        : USB Composite Device
USB\VID_04F9&PID_0028\L5J156650                             : USB Printing Support
USB\VID_051D&PID_0002\5B0903T40493__                        : American Power Conversion USB UPS
USB\VID_0BDA&PID_0182\2010081A841300000                     : Realtek USB 2.0 Card Reader
USB\VID_0CF3&PID_E004\ALASKA_DAY_2006                       : Dell Wireless 1703 Bluetooth
USB\VID_1058&PID_1100\57442D574341534A30303738343831        : USB Mass Storage Device
USB\VID_1A2C&PID_0002&MI_00\6&27BFCBB&0&0000                : USB Input Device
USB\VID_1A2C&PID_0002&MI_01\6&27BFCBB&0&0001                : USB Input Device
USBPRINT\BROTHERHL-2040_SERIES\6&7598FD6&2&USB001           : Brother HL-2040


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