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Hello I have always wanted to write computer code. I did html about 15 years ago. Never took it along way wasn't having fun programming web sites. All the other computer code languages I had trouble learning. Then I found Autoit and started practicing  coding again and with online self teaching I am making progress but I am still very poor at Autoit Script Coding . I don't have a very good knowledge of how computers are used I am also learning how to use windows 11 better. No more chatting I was hoping someone might need help on a self project or is willing to help me understand Autoit code and become a better coder please any help will be much appreciated.

This is where I'm at:

I don't know if I have everything installed ok to best code with.

I don't have any real project to code

I don't have anyone to help me

If you wanna help me in anyway or I can help you please get InTouch

Thank You 


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Please any1 help I'm going to make a windows program to help users perform there tasks a assent helper I'm going to start using koda if you can help me please do so i will give full credit for helping if any1 else needs help contact me I might be able to I'm poor but I might be a help

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Help file has examples to help new people and old user for references.

You give no effort from either of your posts as an attempt to do anything.

You give no information on what you need help with, and what your expertise level is at.

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