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Get GUI window title before go to next step, but get an error: unbalanced paranthesis expression

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Hello All,

I have a AutoIt script that want to check the title of the GUI first before it go to the next step. I have one windows with two names(PageA, PageB) depends on different situation.

In situation A, the title is 'PageA', in situation B, the tile is 'PageB'.

I use WinExists to get it, but I get an error said that "unbalanced paranthesis expression" on line 'If (WinExists("PageA", "") Then '

If (WinExists("PageA", "") Then

        Log("Open (PageA) Windows")
        If Not (ControlClick("Active", "tool1", "[NAME:XXX]", "primary", 1, 50, 235)) Then ReportError("Fail to open PageA windows")
        If Not (WinWait("PageA", "", 10)) Then ReportError("Fail to open PageA Windows")
        If Not (WinActive("PageA", "")) Then WinActivate("PageA", "")


         If Not (WinClose("PageA")) Then ReportError("Fail to close PageA windows")


         Log("Open (PageB) Windows")


         If Not (WinClose("PageB")) Then Error("Fail to close PageB windows")


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21 hours ago, abberration said:

If WinExists("PageA", "") Then

For every open bracket, you need a closed bracket. Your original statement, you have two open and one closed. The one before WinExists is not needed, so you can just get rid of it.

Oh! There have two open bracket! Thanks for the explanation😃

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