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I want to execute javascript function in DIV using _WD_Driver (_WD_ElementAction)

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how can I click "more()" function using _WD_webdriver _WD_ElementAction

<div class="msc-flow-tracking-container__bar" :class="{'open': open, 'complete' : isComplete}" x-on:click="more()">

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thank you so much for your reply and suggestion, problem is, x-path of the div keep on changing based on the status, that is the reason it's not able to find the correct element

I changed the _WD_FindElement as bellows and start working 

Local $oDiv = _WD_FindElement($Session, $_WD_LOCATOR_ByXPath, "//div[contains(@class,'msc-flow-tracking-container__bar')]")
If @error = False Then
    _WD_ElementAction($Session, $oDiv, 'click')

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