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Script that can fetch image links from web URL (PAID JOB)

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i need someone who can create a script that can find/fetch /guess the image links available on an online server folder ...


i give this link as an input 



i would expect these as an output (array of all images available for that product) 

http://img.ltwebstatic.com/images3_pi/2020/12/30/1609305392a31b2c956987c80610f593cc08ba64ce.jpg, http://img.ltwebstatic.com/images3_pi/2020/12/30/1609305395e2d008a17000edec051623ea3c7816ad.jpg, http://img.ltwebstatic.com/images3_pi/2020/12/30/1609305398168d12cc7ca87572b5776ddad38f7769.jpg


if you think you can do this please DM me with your offer , thanks 



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