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GUI + Script in the background


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Hi Guys! Another newbie here 🙂

I've created a simple GUI window with buttons that execute functions for opening specific webpage, entering ID, PW and logging in just to make my life easier.

The problem is, that I use the basic Send command for "TAB", entering text etc.. I would like to make it that when the program is opened and I press a button to execute the function (open browser, enter text) that the process could run in the background and my keystrokes or mouse clicks would not intervein with the script.

Example of the function:

Func Open1()
         sleep (3000)
         Send ("{TAB}")
         Send ("ID")
         Send ("{TAB}")
         Send ("password")
         Send ("{ENTER}")


While this goes on, I have to be afk and that's a bit unsatisfying,. 🙂 

Tried searching though the help file and forum, but without luck.


Thanks in advance for any help!




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