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How to run java -jar ... but hide the cmd?

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Hi guys,


I'm trying to run a java -jar command but unfortunatelly the cmd also opens and stays open.  I want to hide the cmd basically.

I have tried:

ShellExecute(@ScriptDir & "\jvm\bin\java.exe","-jar " & @ScriptDir & "\learnLambda-1.0.jar", @SW_HIDE);

Run(@ComSpec & " /c  " & ".\jvm\bin\java.exe -jar " & ".\learnLambda-1.0.jar");


You also have a picture of how the running app looks.


Is it possible to force hide the cmd or something?


Kind regards,






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53 minutes ago, Luke94 said:
ShellExecute(@ScriptDir & "\jvm\bin\java.exe","-jar " & @ScriptDir & "\learnLambda-1.0.jar", "", "", @SW_HIDE);


Run(@ComSpec & " /c  " & ".\jvm\bin\java.exe -jar " & ".\learnLambda-1.0.jar", "", @SW_HIDE);

Edit: @SW_HIDE belongs in the 5th parameter of ShellExecute.


Thanks Luke95, 

Run(@ComSpec & " /c  " & ".\jvm\bin\java.exe -jar " & ".\learnLambda-1.0.jar", "", @SW_HIDE); 

works very well. Cheers!

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