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Check new file against old file - Replace only lines with specific text

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I have a system in place that check files. It checks for file dates modified in the last 24 hours. It works fine. What I want to do is to do multiple checks during the course of the day.

So what needs to happen is I check the files at 8am and "oldfile" as example is created. Test4 is missing.

At 9am I check the files again and Test4 has been created and now I have the file with date.

But now I want the output/updated file to display only the where true files/lines


Any help will be appreciated



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Not sure I correctly understood the question. The expected result is not clear

;$txt = FileRead("test.txt")
$txt = "Test1 - c:\Logs" & @crlf & _ 
    """test1.txt"" 2022/07/19 13:35:46" & @crlf & _ 
    @crlf & _ 
    "Test2 - c:\Logs" & @crlf & _ 
    """test2.txt"" 2022/07/19 10:20:39" & @crlf & _ 
    @crlf & _ 
    "Test3 - c:\Logs" & @crlf & _ 
    "file not found or outdated" & @crlf & _ 
    @crlf & _ 
    "Test4 - c:\Logs" & @crlf & _ 
    """test4.txt"" 2022/07/19 10:31:39"
Msgbox(0,"", $txt)

$txt2 = StringRegExpReplace($txt, '.+\Rfile not found.+\s*', "")
Msgbox(0,"", $txt2)


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