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erease attribute contents from AD

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Hi guys.

I needs to erese the contents of an attribute of an object from Active Directory.

I have one script to fill this attribute, and desire to use this same script to empty this attribute.

But if I inform an empty value the script dont change the attribute contents.

above the code...(still testing... some trash may be foud)

#include <file.au3>
#include <GUIConstants.au3>
#include <GUIListView.au3>
While 1
   If $msg = $APPLY Then
      If $NAME="" or GUICtrlRead($USER)="" Then
            $usr = ObjGet("LDAP://"&$TST)
            $usr.employeeID = String($NUID2)
      $objConnection = ObjCreate("ADODB.Connection")
      $objConnection.Open ("Provider=ADsDSOObject;")
      $objCommand = ObjCreate("ADODB.Command")
      $objCommand.ActiveConnection = $objConnection
      $objCommand.CommandText = "<LDAP://dc=test,dc=net>;(&(objectCategory=User)(samAccountName="&GUICtrlRead($USER)&"));SAmAccountName,DisplayName,employeeID,distinguishedName;subtree"
      $objRecordSet = $objCommand.Execute
      if $objRecordSet.RecordCount = 0 then
        MsgBox(0,"UID","Not Found!")
Func GUI()
   GUICtrlCreateLabel("User", 10,35,40,20)
   GUICtrlCreateLabel("Name", 10,65,40,20)
   GUICtrlCreateLabel("EIDF", 10,95,40,20)
   $USER=GUICtrlCreateInput($USERNAME, 70,30,120,20)
   $NAME=GUICtrlCreateLabel ($NAME, 70,65,350,20)
   $EID=GUICtrlCreateInput ($NEID, 70,90,75,20)
   $CONSULT=GUICtrlCreateButton ("Consult",  10, 150, 60)
   $APPLY=GUICtrlCreateButton ("Apply",  80, 150, 60)
   $CANCEL=GUICtrlCreateButton ( "Cancel",  150, 150, 60)
   GUISetState ()
   While 1
       $msg = GUIGetMsg()
       If $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Then Exit
       If $msg = $APPLY or $msg = $CONSULT Then ExitLoop
       If $msg = $CANCEL Then Exit

Thanks for your help

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the function that I use to erease are:


$usr = ObjGet("LDAP://"&$TST)

$usr.PutEx ($ADS_PROPERTY_CLEAR, "employeeID", 0)


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