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Cannot use AutoIt in my own directory - (Moved)

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I use AutoIt in order to drive simulators for testing. I developped, several years ago, a set of scripts that I used successfully. In order to be independant from the machine on which my tests were running I moved the AutoIt directory into my testing directory (which also contains my testing tool's project). It was running fine. Last year, though, it did not work anymore. When I was launching the scripts, the simulator windows were no longer recognized, I couldn't find out why.

Now that I have some time to fix this, I decided to get the latest version. Installation was done in my Program files directory. I changed the paths and when I ran a script, it worked. When I moved the AutoIt3 directory into my own directory and reset to the former paths, however, it failed and shown the same error message.

Any idea of why it works several years and suddenly failed ?

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54 minutes ago, Krogold said:

Any idea of why it works several years and suddenly failed ?

Right ...   I am sure you made a mistake somewhere but you really should understand that the provided information is FAR from complete. There is actually no info what so ever for us to go on. ;) 

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Download ZIP version of AutoIt and Scite4AutoIt3 and extract them to desired folders instead of installing/moving from installers.



You may also use #AutoIt3Dir directive like this:



See here


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