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Detect a call from skype, wait for the call for finished then bring skype window to background


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Hi, i'm working on home assistant  (HA) display tablet based on windows for elderly,

the tablet serves various functions but mainly as viewing cctv station to know who's in front.

Now i'd also like to the tablet for auto answer videocall for emergency use. The only software capable for this so far is skype.

Problem is after a call session, skype contact window blocks the HA instance, and it wont minimize automatically.

I've been trying to tackle this issue with autoit, 

How do we detect when a call is over? When an autocall is received, the skype window with contact windows title name shows up, so i guess i can use this as a trigger, but then how do we detect when the call is over so that autoit can minimize skype / bring HA to front?

Using autoit window helper i cant find difference between the 2 contact window when a call is made and when its not, both shows this :


>>>> Window <<<<
Title:    contact.name
Class:    Chrome_WidgetWin_1
Position:    513, 187
Size:    460, 600
Style:    0x16CF0000
ExStyle:    0x00000100
Handle:    0x00540612

>>>> Control <<<<
Class:    Intermediate D3D Window
Instance:    1
ClassnameNN:    Intermediate D3D Window1
Advanced (Class):    [CLASS:Intermediate D3D Window; INSTANCE:1]
Position:    0, 0
Size:    444, 561
ControlClick Coords:    123, 297
Style:    0x58000000
ExStyle:    0x00280024
Handle:    0x09F106FC

>>>> Mouse <<<<
Position:    644, 515
Cursor ID:    2
Color:    0xFFFFFF

>>>> StatusBar <<<<

>>>> ToolsBar <<<<

>>>> Visible Text <<<<

>>>> Hidden Text <<<<


Edit : after posting this i got an alternative idea,

what if the trigger is webcam usage?

So :

Wait while webcam is on, then if off then bring HA window to front, is this possible?



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