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c# Application with Autoit crashes on launch with no message.


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Damn, it works fine on my virtual Win11 (even though I don't have the correct CPU for it...) Seems to be a problem in that exact PC which means I'm gonna have to spend lots of time understanding why it's crashing... Didn't even have to install Autoit or any other regedit trick for it to work.




My application keeps crashing on startup on  Windows 11,the same application runs great across three different win10 pcs.
I remember having the same error before but installing Autoit on the target machine and/or adding the DLLSurrogate in the RegEdit usually made it work.
Not this time it crashes no matter how many things I changed.

Changed Click Once , changed Target CPU, changed how I imported the DLL, changed how I distribute the application, copied the whole release folder. nothing worked.

once i removed autoit references, it works immediately.

Any help would be great.


currently creating VM to try debugging on my own pc

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