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I have an error with _ADO_Connection_OpenConString of ado.au3 version

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The error is very strange, if i launch script or compiled by clicking in the root folder no error, but if i launch from another folder there i se an error with @error = 4 and @extended = -2147352567.

Is there anyone with some ideas about?


Local $sConnectionString_AUTOMI = 'DRIVER={' & $sDriver & '};SERVER=' & $sServer & ';DATABASE=' & $sDatabase & ';UID=' & $sUser & ';PWD=' & $sPassword & ';'

Local $oConnection_AUTOMI
$oConnection_AUTOMI = _ADO_Connection_Create()
_ADO_Connection_OpenConString($oConnection_AUTOMI, $sConnectionString_AUTOMI)
If @error = 0 Then

    Scrivi_Riga_Log("Errore sql: _ADO_Connection_OpenConString, codice errore:" & @error & " - " & @extended & " - " & $ADO_RET_FAILURE)


Thanks for the help.

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