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How to run a program when user logon to the system?

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How to run a program when user logon to the system? Tried to put it in the startup folder, it works when it's the first logon. Which means,  it won't work  after user first logon, then lock windows with win +L keys, and then logon again,  can this be called restoring  from a  logged on session?

please help. I need that program runs each time user logon to the system, either from a logged on session or from the clean login. Thanks.

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Found the solution

This should be easy to set up using Task Scheduler .

1) Launch Task Scheduler from Control Panel > Administrator Tools > Task Scheduler , or type task scheduler in the start menu.
2) Use Action > Create Task to start.
3) Set up your task by giving it a name and supplying credentials if required.
4) Under Triggers press new and choose On Workstation Unlock . You can choose to trigger the task for any user or a selected group or specific user.
5) Under Actions press New and then browse to the program you would like the task to launch. You can add arguments here or point to a script.

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