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Can AutoIt combine multiple images into a single file (stacking them)?


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I've played a little with autoit and have very limited programming experience (a class in BASIC in highschool in the 90s - it has served me well!), and have managed to play around with text based scripts a fair bit. Now I would like to venture into images. 


Can autoit stack a list of images into a single file? So if I have a folder of 100 images, and a text document with a list of a subset of x those images, I'd like to end up with a new image that is 1 image wide and x images tall, with all of the images named in the file stacked in a column. 


Because I'm not sure if there's a better way to achieve what I am trying to do, here's the entire project. I have a PDF that looks like this: app.patternkeeper.android_Screenshot_2022_08.12_03_50_10.thumb.png.ee4cab39c8e21ac407c6d7f128174542.png

This is my key. Each symbol corresponds to a color of thread which is described by the numbers next to it. I was going to crop each symbol and it's corresponding numbers into a single image. (Still need to figure out a good way to do that to end up with consistant results without taking forever). Then I have this - which is a needlework chart.


Each 10x10 block of 100 stitches uses several colors. This is a very small portion of the chart, which is 810,000 stitches in all. What I am trying to do is make a key for each 10x10 block, listing the symbols in it, excluding the ones that have blue triangles. I figured that I can get this info using google forms to output a text file with a list that matches up with the names of the image files for each symbol. The end result I am aiming for is a graphic laid out something like the right side of the above image, showing me the symbol and numbers, compiled from the folder containing the 100ish images cropped from the PDF in the original image. 

I would be working on about 10 squares at a time, but over time, end up doing it for every 10x10 square in the entire piece. So far I've been hand writing the list of symbols for each 10x10 square and it is taking much too long. I'd much rather be able to sit down at once and do a batch of them at once, and just print the results out. But first, I need to know if I can combine images. From there I can work on figuring out the rest.

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