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FakeYou and tacotron 2 dataset management (toolkit)


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This is a toolkit, aimed at the topic of cloning voices. FakeYou is a page where artificial intelligence technology is used to clone voices. This is about algorithms that seek to imitate the original speaker, this is based on audio or recordings of the speaker, from sound files such as wav. You can publish your own creations, which means that you can train your own voices or the one you want.
There are thousands of voices. The page has API support where you can use this service in an app, like Discord for example.
Therefore, this toolkit has the support to use the FakeYou API with AutoIt.
In addition to other features such as data set management that are used to train a voice that we want, for example:
Fix audios and transcriptions, convert, among many other things! Note: this toolkit does not have enough examples to demonstrate all the features, but you can see the code for each of the libraries/includes.

Special thanks to: @danifirex, @pixelsearch and @Subz

Here is the code. I look forward to your suggestions or comments!:

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