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Round to specifiedue


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I'm using one autoit script and wanted to values get rounded at specified rate. Below is the input.

Name    Value        Rounding rate       Expected value

Apple       152                 2.5                       152.5

Nokia        262                  5                         260

Samsung  348                10                        350

Vivoo         129               20                         120

My script is pulling first two column (name and value). I  need to round them as per mentioned rounding rate for each name.             

Any help will be appreciated. 

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I tried below logic and it works fine. No help needed now. thanks.

if $Name = "APPLE" Then  $roundingrate = 2.5
if $NAME = "NOKIA" Then  $roundingrate = 5

$temp1 = round($value / $roundingrate,0)
$Value2 = $temp1 * $roundingrate

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