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i have updated an old script named "Icon-Viewer", shortname 'iv'

After starting 'iv' search for all DLL's in @Systemdir, and show every dll with 1+ icons in a comboBox.  Afaik Shell32 is the most used DLL for, so 'iv' also start with it.

Each change of dllCombo clears the Lisview and after showing the Icons for the selected DLL.

The Icon's are shown in a Listview with 16 SubItems with Icon and the IconId.

The (Main)-Item is reduced to a checkbox which is used to select a Item with all 16 Icons for saving. After selecting all wanted item-rows click "ausgewählte Items speichern" 

Another way to save a Icon is rightclick on a subItem and after this click "Icon speichern"

The path for saving is @UserProfileDir & "\Pictures\Icons", the name for saved files is Dllname_ItemId.ico,


Have fun, use/test it and tell me your suggestions.



IconSaver.au3 IconSaver.exe

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From the 'iv' i take the saving part to a CUI. name Icon-Saver Source in the opening post.

I needs at minimum 2 max. 3 Parameters:

  1. is the DLL.name like shell32.dll
  2. the iconid's separated by semicolon or just all
  3. the path where the icons should be saved is optional, without this is set to @UserProfileDir & "\Pictures\Icons"

mfg (auto)Bert

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