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GuiCreate() optional class name?

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Every window made with AutoIt GUI has a class name of "AutoIt V3 GUI" I'd like to be able to somehow pass in a class name rather than always having to use the default. Are there any plans for such a thing? If I have to call RegisterClassEx() and CreateWindowEx() by hand I might as well just write my app in C++ :lmao:



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Well, if you are capable enough to write it in C++, you should know that the answer to your question is no and why it wouldn't work like you wanted even if you could change the class name to something else. For example, where is the WindowProc going to come from?

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I haven't tried this, but you might be able to use DllCall with the CreateWindowEx API function, using Null values for some parameters or building structures as needed with DllStructCreate.

See my post above for hurdle #1.

Fur, upon further reflection, it really wouldn't be hard to allow a user-defined string to be the class name but I see no legitimate purpose in adding this functionality. What is the reason you would like to see this feature implemented? Does it really matter what the class string is? Nobody ever sees it except somebody looking for it. Putting the obviousness of the previous sentence aside, what I mean is that the I don't really see how changing the class name is all that useful since it has no noticeable impact to anybody except the author of the script.

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A Legitimate purpose, in my case would be for Anti-Spyware, some pick up the class name "Autoitv3" as a trojan, also in my case; Punkbuster and certin anti-hacks look at classname, then detect it as a hack. There are more, if some come to mind i'll be happy to edit my post.


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