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Autoit Scripts Fail to Proceed and Stuck


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Hello, I want to ask why my scripts sometimes stuck and never end ? It only happen once a while . My script will open an app and automate the process to export Excel File from four Face Recognition devices. Somehow the script will stop running / move to the next line and the exe (with gui) still open and never close. On the next run it just working fine  

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I agree with @Subz

But if you want to try to find the cause yourself, try this at the top of your script.

When it appears stuck, mouse-over the script's icon in the system tray to see what line it's on.

Keep mousing off and back on to see if the line changes.

It might be stuck in a loop.


Opt("TrayIconDebug", 1) ;0=no info, 1=debug line info


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