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AutoIt2 and Original AutoIt downloads


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Hi all :)

I know the latest versions for v1 and v2 are available for download via this page, but i am looking for as many versions as possible.

Does anyone have a secret stash of old AutoIt2 and Legacy AutoIt versions?

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4 hours ago, argumentum said:

I am one of those that keep all "practical" versions at hand but never thought of v1 or v2 as anything useful.
I'd call v3.2.x.x legacy but v1 !?. Tho I have to admit that "Calc.aut" from v1.8 still runs even on win10.

I have thought about older versions before, for historic purposes but it was while i building my autoit package manager i wanted to see what could be done.

I'm sure barely anyone still uses v1 and v2 and even then the latest versions are fine, but it still seems sad loosing that part of AutoIt's History.

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5 hours ago, rsn said:

Curses! I didn't actually click through to the downloads. I didn't realize that the files for <2.60 had forwards to 2.60 and later. 

No worries ;) Thanks to you i got more than one version to work with :D

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