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Remote controlling as service fails with Windows Server 2019

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I'm remote controlling other applications mainly in windows services.

Therefore the service has to be logged on sytem account with "Allow service to interact with desktop" and

"NoInteractiveServices" within "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Windows" has to set to "0" (for Windows Server 2016)

Starting with Windows Server 2019 this route is not longer possible  (due to Microsoft's / Windows new policy).

Starting as an application with autologon is not a good idea due to IT department's restriction.

Starting a RDP session automatically might do the job ... but pretty convoluted.


Does anyone knows a workaround/solution to this challenge?






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Hi, sorry for being inprecise.

The autoit script runs within the windows service and remote controls other applications (e.g Starting notepad, waiting for the main window, mouseclick bla.)

This road is no longer possible starting with Server 2019, as the service does not "see" notepad's desktop anymore.




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