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wrong date format in cell


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hello , i have another issue on handling cells.

i have a password protected file to cover and def function and calculator cells, its ok.

i have a cell where i must type a date.

IF i place it manually, "2022.09.13" function says ok

if i type it by autoit as sheets().cells()="2022.09.13" it says error

i read the value when its ok, says value is "20220913000000". once i met with this when i used vba codes..

BUT if i write to cell this "20220913000000" excel says error, 

do i have to break password protection to find out which cellformatting is applied? or how can i solve it?

thank you

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i can see now, after breaking protection, cell format is a special, star sign marked date format .. but i dont know how to fix this bug..

i can see, the data wich are compared to this field are "8.8.22" and "23.8.22" which are date format by excel.

if i type by program 22.8.22 does not accept, but if i type an enter on field it ok.


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