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DWM Taskbar thumbnails


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Can somebody make a small program with autoit or anything... so I can disable taskbar thumbnails with a batch file and without modifying registry and then restarting explorer.exe like what Winaerotweaker does, so I can disable or enable thumbnails in realtime with a .exe and a command like /on or /off

Possible ways: 

Block dwmapi.dll functions related to DWMRegisterThumbnail

You can see how the thumbnail is created here: https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/77831-simple-vista-thumbnail-example

It's not possibe to disable thumbnails without restart explorer (and disabling it on 7 taskbar tweaker doesn't make the same effect, I think dwm continues creating the thumbnail in background you ) 

So I want to intercept the dll call before it creates the thumbnail, to test if I can turn it on and off only when the cursor is hovering the taskbar cause thumbnails are made in realtime but I can track the cursor with a batch and run the utility when necessary

PD: I want an utility that accepts paramaters to turn it on and off if possible of course blocking the dwm thumbnail creation so it doesn't use the gpu


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